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Here's the pics of the Bug and Vair.

Sorry this took so long, I guess I've been busy doing other things for the longest time.


It's still a pretty rough car at the moment.  It's gonna get new fenders front and back, an interior, and a paint job.  Most of the electrical works, I just had to rewire it for 12 volt operation (it was 6v).

It's already got a 2" narrowed adjustable front end (courtesy of CB Performance), new brakes, new front tires, and a in/out oil filter kit.

I've only got around $1000 into this car, including purchase price.

Motor is from a '71 Ghia, and it's a strong runner.  I was surprized by the power a well tuned dual port 1.6 put out.  Makes me wonder what a 1.9 turbo will do-  Will the front tires get airborne?  Stay tuned to find out!





It's my '66 Corsa Turbo.  It's funny, in the manual they actually call it a turbo-supercharger.  The ignition system is not up to snuff right now, as it's impossible to find a pressure retard unit in working order.  So, I will be doing an HEI conversion on the distributor (fitting, it is a GM after all) and megasquirt to control timing.

I like the low stance, and aggressive look of the car.  Future mods are air bag suspension, and a nasty supercharged engine!

This is what the engine looks like right now.  I'm probably gonna get a bunch of stuff powdercoated and rechromed, so it'll look good.  As I said before, I can't get a good pressure retard unit, so right now I can't get into boost without it pinking like carzy.  If I retard the timing back to about 15 degrees (the factory stetting under full boost) it will hit boost without pinking, but it's horrible for gas mileage and regular around town driving.  So for now it's set at 24 degrees, and I simply keep my foot out of it.  ;)