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Here's the photos I currently have on the Inno.


This is what it looked like when I first bought it.  The 998 was F*cked, and threw #4 rod after a few months.  Guess that's what A-series do after 175,000 Km's without a rebuild or good oil in it.


Poor thing!

The 170,000+ Km engine threw #4 rod after a month or 2.  I suspect alot of highway driving was done in this Inno, the engine was trashed, but the interior was not.  I think #4 rod taking its permanent vacation outside the block was the result of shoddy maintenance, and the fact that most Italians take bad care of their cars (the oil in the sump when I bought it could have been crude it was so black).

The seats sucked, the gearbox was grinding in 2nd gear (VERY uncommon in Mini's I hear!), and it leaked oil like nobody's buisiness.

Time to get to work!

Ahhhh, much better! Current mods

After many hours and much money invested, it looks like this.  Old 998 engine is gone, in it's place sits a semi-rebuilt A+ 1275, and rebuilt rod change gearbox. 

The replacement powerunit was sourced from a '91 SPI Rover Mini Cooper that had been in a pretty bad rear end collision, so enverything up front was good!  Or so I thought...

The lobes on the original cam were almost completely flat, and the lifters were pitted like the surface of the Moon!  So, while the engine/g-box was out, I took the liberty of replacing the stock cam with the Kent MD266 unit,  new Mini Spares lifters, and Mini Spares duplex cam gear.  New cam thrust plate and new stock oil pump were also fitted.

Gearbox got new synchro rings, a few needle bearings, and a new idler gear and idler needle bearings (the old idler had a 'chunk' broken off one thrust surface, and more that 55-thousandths inch shaft wear!).  After that, idler gear endfloat was checked and corrected,  the 'box was reinstalled onto the engine, then the powerunit into the car.

Suspension uprating

Ultralite 12" wheels from DSN Classics on Falken rubber were fitted, along with GAW117 wheel arch kit from M/S.

KYB gas shocks front and rear, 8.4" disc brakes up front, and Alloy Superfins out back.

The grille isn't installed at the moment, due to upgrading.  More on that later.

Shot of the interior

Here you can see part of the upgrades I'm installing;  MSD 6A ignition, Summit Racing shift light tach.....

But there's so much more on the way, so stay tuned!